Women Who Inspire IRIE: Sasha DiGiulian

Heroes, Leaders, Advocates. Environmentalists, Artists, Athletes.  In celebration of Women’s History Month, Join IrieCBD and celebrate all that women can be, do and inspire. This is what Living Life Irie looks like, the woman’s way.

At IrieCBD, Irie is more than our name. It’s our way of life. Our way of doing business. We bring the peace, acceptance, connection and care of the Irie brand to everything we do. It’s what we hope our products bring to you.

This month, we’re putting women and health front and center, and IrieJOURNAL puts the spotlight on inspiring women that embody IRIE’s commitment to healthier selves living in a healthier world.

These are women who have gone above and beyond. Women who have paved paths we all tread, who have pulled on inner strength to enact astounding external changes. Women who remind us what we are all capable of, who have rocked industries, governments, concert halls.

Pushing through distinct and difficult struggles, these are women that have opened doorways for us all into new ways of being, of living in tune with ourselves, those around us, and our planet. They deserve our admiration and our appreciation. They remind us to reconnect to our passion and our awareness. They exemplify the personal, social and environmental consciousness that is Living Life Irie.

Meet Sasha DiGiulian

Athlete, Record Breaker, and Conqueror of Mountains


Photo Credit: outdoorsportsteam.com

Sasha is one of the world’s best rock climbers, and has used her accomplishments to empower women and girls across the globe.

Sasha started out fearless, and never stopped.

She began her climbing career when she was 6 years old, and competed professionally for the first time when she was 8. At age 11 she climbed her first 5.13  graded route. Many world championships, awards, falls and topped peaks later, she would become the first American woman to climb a 9a (5.14d) graded route, essentially the hardest rating for a rock climb.

Sasha never stops reaching.

Just before graduating high school, Sasha successfully redpointed (free climbed) the Southern Smoke and Lucifer, two 5.14c graded climbs in the Red River Gorge in Kentucky.  Then she took a “gap year” during which she won a gold medal at the world championships in Italy, and then returned to the Red River Gorge to reach the summit of Pure Imagination, a 5.14c rated route.

Then, she stretched herself even further.

In 2012, she reached the top of the famed  Era Vella route in Margalef, Spain, making her the first North American woman, and third woman overall to climb a 9a (5.14d). This is widely considered one of the hardest climbs achieved by a woman in the sport. Sasha has done two.

Oh and then, she went back to school at Columbia, graduating with a dual degree in 2016. (She studied Creative Non-Fiction Writing and Business).

Sasha is a boundary breaker.

Sasha has achieved multiple first ascents, and 28 first female ascents around the globe.  When she tackled the north face of the Eiger Mountain, the tallest north face in the Alps, she became the first woman to reach its peak.  An undefeated Panamerican Champion for years, and Overall Champion for the Female Sport of Climbing, Sasha never let her awards stop her motivation. She made the competition against herself the most important one.  

Sasha gives back.

Sasha is a compassionate and vocal advocate for the outdoors and women in sports. She served as an Athlete Ambassador for Right to Play, Up2Us, Women’s Sports Foundation, Outdoor Foundation, and HERA, and serves as an athlete representative on the board of the International Federation of Sport Climbing.


Photo Credit: © Keith Ladzinski


When Sasha is faced with a mountain, she climbs it. Now THAT’S Irie.


Watch raw footage of her climbing Era Vella here:

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