Women Who Inspire IRIE: Tig Notaro

Heroes, Leaders, Advocates. Environmentalists, Artists, Athletes.  In celebration of Women’s History Month, Join IrieCBD and celebrate all that women can be, do and inspire. This is what Living Life Irie looks like, the woman’s way.

At IrieCBD, Irie is more than our name. It’s our way of life. Our way of doing business. We bring the peace, acceptance, connection and care of the Irie brand to everything we do. It’s what we hope our products bring to you.

This month, we’re putting women and health front and center, and IrieJOURNAL puts the spotlight on inspiring women that embody IRIE’s commitment to healthier selves living in a healthier world.

These are women who have gone above and beyond. Women who have paved paths we all tread, who have pulled on inner strength to enact astounding external changes. Women who remind us what we are all capable of, who have rocked industries, governments, concert halls.

Pushing through distinct and difficult struggles, these are women that have opened doorways for us all into new ways of being, of living in tune with ourselves, those around us, and our planet. They deserve our admiration and our appreciation. They remind us to reconnect to our passion and our awareness. They exemplify the personal, social and environmental consciousness that is Living Life Irie.


Meet Tig Notaro

Writer, Artist, Unbreakable Crafter of Jokes


She turned her worst year into one of comedy’s best sets and a nationwide moment of inspiration. 

Tig Notaro is hard to keep down.

In 2012, stand up comedian Tig Notaro had the worst year of her life. She was hospitalized for a potentially deadly disease, C.diff. [C. difficile infection], which she contracted after a bout with pneumonia. Shortly after she was discharged, her mother died in a freak accident after tripping and hitting her head. Not long after her mother’s death she went through a break up. And then she was diagnosed with cancer.

Days after receiving her breast cancer diagnosis, she stood alone on a stage at LA’s Largo Theatre, looked into the crowd and opened the show by saying: “Good evening hello, I have cancer, how are you? Hi, how are you? Is everybody having a good time? I have cancer. How are you?”

She had thought about cancelling the show. Instead, she stood in front of a room of strangers and told them everything. In 2013, the recording of that performance was nominated for a Grammy.

Tig Notaro knows authenticity.

It takes a certain kind of bravery to choose to be so vulnerable. In an NPR interview, Tig said of that career making night “I would’ve felt dishonest or inauthentic, I think, if I was on stage just talking about –  just observing life in general, from afar. That wasn’t where I was. I was very ill. My pants were falling off of me, I was so skeletal at the time. I felt so lucky for the audience there, because they really carried me through that and the people there were really tremendous.” “I really was astounded by how many people were touched and lifted by the performance.”

The audience laughed in the face of tragedy, and Tig became famous for finding humor in life’s darkest moments.

Tig Notaro is a Survivor.

She also became famous for overcoming life’s darkest moments. After a double mastectomy and hormone blocking treatment, she was declared cancer free in 2016.

After years of performing in coffee shops, saloons and bars, she released her first comedy album at age 40. Following her legendary, post diagnosis performance, she is now one of comedy’s most unique and renowned voices.

She married her girlfriend in 2015, with whom she has twin sons, is the author of the memoir “I’m Just A Person” and the subject of the Netflix documentary “Tig”.

Tig bared her soul to the world, and turned tragedy into connection.

Now THAT’S Irie.

“The big picture of my story is that you never know what’s coming around the corner. I need to sit down, take a deep breath, and connect with where I feel there’s humor these days.”

Dive into “The Tao of Tig” with this Buzzfeed feature.

Listen to her Hello, I Have Cancer opening here…


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