What’s the BUZZ with these Honey Sticks?

Irie CBD introduces the Honey Sticks. A healthy, energy filled, grab and go snack. There is honey, which is delicious, sweet and packed with health boosting benefits. Then there is cannabis infused honey. The same – but better. Bees have been making honey for millions of years. Honey contains a complex combination of nutrients like amino acids and minerals. Researchers have confirmed honey’s antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Not only is honey amazing, but on a side note, the bees are pretty amazing too. They contribute to our survival, pollinating crops and flowers that make up 30% of our food. So respect the bees.

The healing properties of honey combined with cannabis make a magical combination, especially when being used for health purposes. CBD does not have the psychoactive properties that THC does, so you can easily enjoy some honey sticks without getting a buzz.

One of the best things about honey is the versatility of uses. Mix it with your tea, spread it on some toast, put it in your smoothie or better yet just take a handful of honey sticks with you and enjoy them throughout the day!

Our honey sticks are easy to use, easy to open and available through our website http://iriecbd.com/collections/honey-sticks