Reduce Your Impact in 2017

The fact that we have known about the human impact on global warming for over half a century, and yet are still in the crisis we are in today had always baffled me. How can our government have such an unsustainable approach to the climate crisis? Shouldn’t it be in the interest of every citizen of the world, our global economies, and of course natural environments to put a stop to the drastic climate change? As long as these industries are making enough money to help fuel economies and the pockets of our leaders, politicians have no incentive to ban, restrict or limit environmentally harmful behavior. Except for perhaps the mess they’re handing on to their children and their children’s children, but let’s push that aside for the moment. Global Leaders will do everything it takes to be onside with the majority of constituents in order to gain and maintain power. This means that we the people have the power to bring about change. The power is in our hands to pull ourselves out of the climate crisis we find ourselves in today.


So how can we, the people, mitigate climate change?


Know the Impact of YOUR dollar.


Knowing where every dollar is spent and the impact of our dollars is the best way to ensure we are not helping to fund environmentally harmful companies and industries. From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, the products we use and the transportation we take. It’s often difficult to know whether the things we buy have been produced ethically but many brands luckily are trying to go the “eco-friendly” route, although some claim to be this while actually not following these guidelines. A couple tips for eliminating our impact can be buying locally, making our own cosmetics, cleaning supplies and embracing second-hand fashion!



Living on less is possibly the most important thing that we can do reduce our collective impact on the planet. If we all bought less and used less energy, the positive impact would be enormous. In order to reduce consumption and live on less, it’s important to take a look at the amount of energy we use, the amount of clothes we own and wear and the amount of food we buy and waste to ensure that we’re only consuming what we need.



Although clean energy is often more expensive than energy sourced from fossil fuels, while more people invest, prices will inevitably drop. In the meantime, there are several small actions that we can take to offset the price difference. Using cold water instead of hot water when washing clothes, turning off power points when they’re not in use, taking shorter showers and keeping rugged up in winter instead of using a heater can make a big difference. These things will not only help the plant but also your bank account.



Buying local food and beverages is a great way to reduce the carbon miles of your pantry. All food originates somewhere, and if it has travelled to your dining table via plane, its impact on CO2 emissions is a lot larger than if it had travelled only a few miles. Even better than buying local produce is growing your own food. If you have the space and time, growing your own produce can be a highly rewarding and healthy option for feeding you and your family.


Revolting against the industries that are fueling climate change may be as simple and innocuous as being aware of our actions and spending, and reducing our individual impact.


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