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Irie Hemp Company is a California based company but collaborates with Pacific Hemp Farms in Oregon. Pacific Hemp Farms works with the world’s finest producers; we bring a synergy of artisinal methods with advanced laboratory processes that allow us to provide the highest quality cannabinoid extracts in the market!



Pacific Hemp Farms became one of the first hemp farmers in Oregon (1 of 9) and are proud members of the OHFA (Oregon Hemp Farmers Association.) Our farms are located in Huntington and Scio, Oregon. We have a total of 21 acres planted in 2016. Both farms are on organically certified land using the best organic practices and nutrients.


On May 1st at the Huntington farm, five acres of hemp were planted and then harvested in Mid-September. In Scio, Oregon, sixteen acres were planted July 4th, 2016 with harvest starting this week and a big harvest party October 6th through 9th to finish out the season. Then the drying and seed extraction process begins!


We are all thrilled about the process being made at Pacific Hemp Farms and the opportunity it brings to Irie Hemp Company. A vintage tractor was bought for the harvest in October and we are ecstatic to see where the hemp farming industry is headed.


Going forward, the Pacific Hemp Farm in Scio will have 35 acres planted while the Huntington Farm will have 40 acres. Next year will be an even bigger year for us!



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