New Look. Same Irie.

Welcome to a new Irie.
IrieCBD products are taking on a whole new look.

True to our roots, IrieCBD will always keep our focus on helping customers achieve their health and wellness goals.  Our dedication to socially conscious business practices and environmentally conscious production has never been stronger. The high quality products you know are receiving a customer –friendly upgrade in marketing and packaging, making your life a bit easier, smoother, and well… more Irie.

Irie Hemp company is a global ambassador for the legality of hemp products that improve wellbeing and quality of life. A strong advocate for the accessibility and affordability of natural hemp and cannabis products on a global scale, we make it easy to find and purchase the treatments you need within a completely legal, customer centered framework.

We remain deeply committed to making things easier for individuals to improve their health through effective, conscious and natural solutions.

New Look. Same Irie

New Color Coding System:

New Dosage Cards:

New Medicinal 1:1

About The Author


IrieCBD is a company with a philosophy of reconnecting, revitalizing and finding the simple goodness in all that surrounds us.
From seed to oil, our products are created with care, consciousness, and connection.

Founded in San Diego in 2015 by three innovative adventurers, environmentalists, health advocates and grassroot nutritional revolutionaries,
IrieCBD is dedicated to finding natural solutions for health and wellness. Firm believers in the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, IrieCBD grew out of the passion
its founders had for self-determination and the increased quality of life experienced when all our body’s systems are supported and nourished.
Irie’s unique and specialized line of tinctures are the fruition of this belief, combining the ancient wisdom of herbal medicinal properties with the potent effects of pure CBD oil.