Meditation is good for the soul.


Meditation is a central part in religions, philosophical tradition, yoga, tribal and ancient culture and more….


Because it’s good for you.

The main obstacle people have with meditation is calming your mind. CBD oil is a perfect aide in calming your thoughts and helping you focus your energy on what is important. Your mind has stages, and this could be a very lengthy description but I will try and keep this as simple as I can.

The first stage is Delta Stage. Think of this as your deep, dreamless sleep. Low brain activity. This is the stage that is crucial for recovery and energy. The longer you can be in this stage the better.

The second stage is Theta Stage. Your brain is relaxed and calm, but more active than your Delta Stage. This stage you can experience when you are fully awake and conscious, this is something that over time you can learn to reach through meditation.

The third stage is Alpha Stage.  This is the stage you need to be in most. Your mind is calm; your body is relaxed but you have the fight or flight mode activated which in turn means your digestive system is running at full speed. You are focused, alert, active and generally make healthier and better life choices in this state of mind. Mediation can help you reach and stay in this stage.

The fourth stage is Beta Stage. This is a good and a bad stage. It means you are on high alert, which can be good in stressful situations and when you need to react quickly, but also can be bad and lead to stress, being overly tired, unhealthy, on edge and just plain worn out. Mediation is key for making sure this stage is used for good and not as an evil, I hate Mondays, road rage, too busy, no sleep, grumpy and chronically stressed out self.

Back to meditation. The thing with learning to mediate is everyone experiences it differently and it benefits people differently. It’s not fair to ask someone who it feels like to mediate because what it feels like to one person may not be how you experience it. It’s not magic, mediation is basic manipulation of your body’s most basic functions.

“Take a deep breath” is one of the most common phrases people tell you when you are stressed out about something. Why? Because it works and it’s important.


Irie Hemp Company’s Co- Founder Dr. Rick Potts has been meditating on and off for 40 years. Over the years meditation “has been something that has gotten more important and more simple. I don’t even tell myself to mediate, it just feels more of a natural part of my day.” Rick takes a nonreligious approach to meditation and focuses on the idea that “mediation is a simple way to reduce the amount of back log of concern, worry, busyness. It can reduce the stress of today and yesterday and opens up new possibilities.”

Mediation has often been combined with the idea of creating awareness. People today often believe they are a victim of life. “They feel they are being swept along, it seems hard to get your sense of direction and grounding. By disengaging and staying awake and aware it seems to show a sense of choice and be able to make a conscious decision on how you want your life to go.”

“By breathing there is something physical that happens to the body. In addition to sleeping at night, what happens when you take 20 minutes out of your day and just breath. Nothing else. Feel into the body, calming of the nervous system, reducing the tension.” Mediation is a basic calming, natural space of taking an intentional break from waking consciousness. Even a short period of time on a regular basis has shown to have benefits.

Mediation is something everyone should try at least once. No one can know yourself better than you can. Your mind is a beautiful place, it may seem messier than a hoarder’s house at times, but if you learn to declutter your thoughts, organize a little and throw out the negative trash that seems to leave a murky cloud…you might just find a little piece of paradise. The great thing about meditation is it can help improve your attitude, health and bring you some happiness, and it’s absolutely free.

Rick decided he wanted to share his love for mediation, “I see the value in doing it as a group, with other people. There is a space that seems to increase the focus.” He does a guided mediation, not directive. This means he is mediating with you and speaking to you from a meditative state. He wants you to “Focus on feeling it and naturally let things fall into place.” The goal of mediating is to “Reduce the amount of inner critique by closing our eyes and developing a relationship with ourselves based on acceptance, not a critical self-reflection.”


Join Rick in his guided mediation every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10am, Call 641-715-3580 code 749-414. It’s free and can be completely anonymous if you choose, it’s simple. Rick will talk you through meditation for 30 minutes. Every day is different, but Fridays always start with 10 minutes of laughter, don’t worry, you’ll get used to it. Sit in a comfortable, quiet area, away from distractions. Take a deep breath and enjoy!

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