Dosing of CBD

The fact is, you can give the same dose of a given cannabis oil to two different people and get two different experiences so this makes dolling out any type of specific advice next to impossible for even the most informed and one of the prime reasons doctors currently eschew the use of cannabis.


If you were to give two people, the same dose of a cannabis oil the two people would have different experiences with it. So, it makes giving advice on how much to take a little more difficult. The reason is primarily because of the of the vast amount of variation in species of cannabis and the difference in people’s conditions and how their body responds to those conditions.




So to bring this back to the subject of trying to figure out how much of a given cannabis product to take, you can apply this in the form of a few basic concepts to establish some rough guidelines. Remember, you are the ultimate boss as to how much you take. You can look to things like a Rick Simpson dosing protocol for certain conditions and some rough guidance for particular issues, but for many uses, you will simply be using trail and error and judging efficacy for yourself. This can be a bit of a foreign feeling for those that of us that are used to taking X dose of X pill at X time of day based on Dr. X’s recommendation.



Anytime you are taking any new substance, pharmaceutical, food, etc, it is common to ingest a small amount and wait for any reaction. We can all have unusual allergies or reactions to substances that many us can tolerate easily. With cannabis oilsIt’s best to put a drop on your lower lip, this area is typically very sensitive in cases of allergens and can often produce a very fast red flag in the form of swelling or itching and burning showing that something is not working with the body and that particular substance or something it may be mixed or diluted with.



With CBD, it’s recommended to start with 1-2 drops per 10 pounds of body weight. It will be active below these levels, but you may not notice any difference in the way you feel just generally speaking. You may increase dosage for more serious health conditions. Once you find a good dropper dose, you can reverse the math and figure out how much an individual dropper will roughly hold for a given sized bottle to get your rough mg. dose. This will be a close ballpark, and will change from oil to oil, or strain to strain.



The great thing about cannabis, is that for most of us, you can feel largely safe exploring your personal boundaries with it. Be it medical marijuana with THC in it or CBD rich hemp oils, the concept is the same. With no evidence of over dose, the most you will feel if you take too much is jitters or sleep.



With CBD oil, since there is no significant psychoactive component to balance, you can go quite liberal on doses— in many cases the cost of the CBD may in fact be the balancing factor. You should listen to your body and find your thresholds of desired effect as you determine how to use various cannabis oils for yourself.


Every cannabis oil is different in their composition of over 130 known cannabinoids, and equal number of terpenes and active flavonoids. You will want to experiment with as many different oils as you can get your hands on if you are trying cannabis oil, depending again on the reason for using it. You will find some are more effective than others for YOU. There is no best cannabis oil, there are only the blends that happen to work better for YOUR body and issues.  Cannabis oil is not a one sized fits all solution. We have much to learn yet of these substances and the Endocannabinoid system they interact with.



With many natural substances, such as caffeine, or manmade substances such as prescription opiates, the issue of tolerance can become a significant factor when looking at efficacy over time.


What happens with many of these substances, is that the body will build tolerance to them, and as a result, to achieve the same effect, higher and higher doses are required over time the longer a person uses the substances.



It takes a new user about 3 weeks of daily use to build their baseline tolerance and maximize the amount of receptors the body uses to catch these molecules. At that point, you can continue to take the same dose, every day, provided it is the same product/oil/strain, and expect to see roughly the same return over time from it. If you switch oils or strains, then you will go through a similar 2 to 3-week tolerance building process, as your body gets used to the new blend of cannabis and then plateau again.


So the bottom line of taking cannabis oil is try it and see what works for you. The suggested serving on a bottle is what most people who take that product use, but test it out and see what makes you feel the best, it is all about you after all


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