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Vaping has established itself as a mainstream alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. Instead of lighting a cigarette and inhaling a mixture of nicotine, tar, and smoke, an electronic vaporizer is used to vaporize a solution of water, nicotine, and additional flavoring. It’s this movement from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes that has popularized the vaping movement in recent times.

Typically, smokers have used vaping as a means of quitting smoking; rather than go “cold turkey,” they switch to vaping to receive nicotine without consuming the harmful chemicals that accompany cigarettes.



Opting to vape instead of smoking a cigarette has a number of plus points: for starters, you will no longer consume the harmful chemicals that make up a tobacco cigarette, including many known carcinogens; you will not expose your friends and colleagues to secondhand smoke; you will avoid the yellowing of teeth, fingers, and walls; and you won’t smell of smoke.

Beyond those obvious benefits, vaping also means waving goodbye to exposing yourself, your family, and your home to one of nature’s most dangerous elements: fire. There is no combustion involved in vaping, which marks it out as a safer alternative to cigarettes before you’ve even put it to your lips.



Nicotine is not the only substance that can be vaped. THC and CBD can also be heated and inhaled using a vaporizer. Vaping CBD means consuming a non-psychoactive and non-addictive substance. Typically, CBD is consumed orally as a liquid or capsule or applied as a topical ointment. Vaporizing is a fast-acting method of consuming CBD.



Similar to THC, CBD will begin to evaporate at a temperature of around 200°C (392°F). This releases a gas that you will be able to inhale without the plant matter being burned.



200 mg was found to be the maximum dose of CBD that could be vaporized efficiently. However, this point of saturation did appear to be related to the vaporizer and its ability to heat the oil efficiently.



Choosing to vape over other methods of consuming CBD can be a big and intimidating step. This is mostly due to the fact that the vaporizers resemble e-cigarettes and can appear a little more complex than those alternative methods.

That being said, using a vaporizer is probably the fastest, way of consuming CBD. Vaporizers work by heating the CBD oil to the point where the liquid is transformed into a vapor, allowing you to inhale it. The CBD vaporizers are lightweight, elegant, stylish, and discrete.

To begin vaping, you’ll need CBD vaporizer. There are two parts to this little device: the vaporizer itself, which you only need to buy once, and the refillable cartridges, which contain the CBD oil.

The CBD oil present in the refillable cartridges is specially treated to be easily vaporized by the heat of the CBD vaporizers and provides the maximum benefit of CBD via inhalation.

Irie CBD has some vaping options with the possibility of more to come in the future! Check it out at iriecbd.com-vaping and our favorite vaporizer . Happy Vaping!

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