CBD in your fine dining experience: The LA Times features CBD Oil’s foray into the hip and healthy food movement

In Ojai, California, you can now sit down at a popular local restaurant and treat yourself to a CBD Power Lunch.

In a recent feature in the LA Time’s local California Journal, Spring, a popular and cozy French restaurant in downtown Ojai, was the setting for an interview with Ojai Energetics Founder Will Kleidon, who also supplies the cannibidol for the restaurant’s unique offerings of CBD dishes.

Head chef Tony Esnault’s CBD Power Lunch is a three course meal that includes a citrus salad or mint pea soup, his famous vegetable plate with trout or chicken breast, and a lemon curd dessert with tangerine meringue or a chocolate ganache with lemon honey sorbet.

According to The Times, this creative inclusion of the CBD was instigated after Tony and Spring Co-Owner Yassmin Sarmadi tried including the oil in some of their cocktails, and were convinced of the extracts benefits after a self-admittedly heavy night of drinking was followed by a noticeable lack of morning headaches and regret.

Waking up after this evening of inspiration, Sarmadi says they looked at each other and said: “Wow, we feel pretty good. We need to do something with the CBD. ”

As legalization in many states moves both the marijuana and CBD industries into the mainstream, and the research on the many health benefits expands, the possibilities for the use of cannabis products and CBD Oil in particular continue to take new and innovative turns. Spring’s experiments in using the oil as a superfood ingredient in high class dining and as a constituent in cocktail recipes highlights both the lighthearted fun this experimentation can bring, as well as the growing consciousness and acceptance of the benefits for health and wellness.

Spring restaurant’s Tony Esnault and Yassmin Sarmadi, who have a CBD three-course lunch menu. Photo Credit: The LA Times

After diving into the emerging research on the symptom support CBD extracts can provide, Sarmadi gave a bottle of the oil to one of their regulars who suffers from the onset of Parkinson disease.  Many other regulars simply enjoy their increased energy and the pick-me-up effect of the CBD Power Lunch menu.

Kleidon, who believes firmly in the power of hemp as a “catalyst for things getting better” sees this exciting new trend as a natural progression in the consumption of cannabis.  He sums this belief up by referencing one of the west’s oldest philosophers.

“ ‘Have you heard one of Hippocrates’ most famous quotes?’… ‘Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.’ ”

Now that’s a philosophy we can definitely get behind.



Read the LA Times feature here:  http://www.latimes.com/local/abcarian/la-me-abcarian-cbd-20170402-story.html