CBD has been helping children since the compound’s first emergence on the market


Is CBD safe for Kids?

When thinking about treatments for children, safety is usually, and understandable the primary concern. Children have smaller bodies, and process many substances and medications at a much faster rate than adults. Their body systems, brains and tissues are still growing and developing, and introducing new compounds into that delicate process of growth should be carefully considered.


Interestingly, it was actually a child that was behind CBD’s first big entrance into mainstream culture… Charlotte Figi. After the CNN documentary WEED featured her struggle with Dravet’s Syndrome, a medication resistant form of epilepsy, and her family’s success with using CBD as a treatment for her grand mal seizures, CBD rocketed into the broader social consciousness.

Charlotte’s story is a poignant one, and her family, like many, only turned to CBD as a treatment option after everything else had failed. In Ireland, Vera Twomey has become an international icon in the fight for legal medical marijuana treatment for children, walking across the country to petition officials and raise awareness on the issue, hoping to find treatment for her daughter’s life threatening Dravet’s syndrome.

Despite these high-profile cases of children and their miraculous response to CBD treatment, a certain hesitation can remain around giving the oil to kids. This often stems from the misconception that as a hemp or cannabis product, CBD is a drug or will get kids high. This is completely false, as CBD has absolutely zero psychoactive effects. The compound responsible for psychoactive effects, THC, differs from CBD significantly in this way.  In fact, CBD has no serious reported side effects, which is not something most traditional medicines, even those prescribed to children, can claim. In a study by Dr. Leslie Iversen of Oxford University, cannabis was found to be an “inherently safe” treatment, and in fact was rated as significantly safer than aspirin.


So, yes, giving children aspirin may be much more dangerous than a natural CBD treatment. As a plant based, natural supplement, CBD will not produce the drowsiness, impaired cognitive function or lowered immune system that are marked side effects of other drugs given to children, especially those marked for childhood epilepsy. A study published by Current Pharmaceutical Design furthered proved CBD’s safety in humans, and children, with trials showing no negative side effects even in those taking up to 600mg of CBD.

CBD and Childhood Epilepsy

CBD’s claim to fame as an epilepsy treatment is centered around it’s benefit for children, especially due to the high profile cases mentioned above, in which families facing the horrifying spectre of their children suffering daily seizures found relief. And science has supported these anecdotal stories, with studies proving the compounds ability to act as an anti-inflammatory, anticonvulsant, anti-oxidant, anti-emetic, anxiolytic and antipsychotic agent.


As reported by Marijuana Doctors :

“Another study conducted by the American Epilepsy Society involved 261 people, most of them children, who had been diagnosed with severe epilepsy but were not responding well to pharmaceutical medications. After three months of taking cannabidiol, nearly 50 percent of study participants experienced at least a 50 percent reduction in epileptic/neurological seizures. Minimal side effects such as dry mouth and increased appetite were reported by a few participants. Astonishingly, nine percent of those taking CBD were actually seizure-free following completion of the study.”

CBD for Childhood Epidemics: a natural treatment for the modern age?

CBD has also shown to be potentially beneficial in the treatment of many other disorders that are on the rise in children. Though more science is necessary to form any conclusive evidence, CBD has been given to children on the autism spectrum with success, with USA Today even claiming that “Marijuana may be a miracle drug for children with Autism” . It has also been frequently given as supportive supplement to children suffering from the symptoms of ADD and ADHD. As with adults, children without any serious condition or formal diagnosis can still benefit from taking a CBD tincture, receiving all the general health and wellness benefits that a healthy dose of phytocannabinoids can provide.


As with most medications, children who are under 18 must be given the medication by a supervising adult and legal guardian. CBD is a food supplement and is legal across all 50 states, and can be purchased by parents online or at retail locations without a prescription. Medical marijuana dispensaries often carry high quality CBD products ( for a list of where you can find IrieCBD products click here), and IrieCBD’s Kid’s Blend, which is formulated with low glucose to avoid sugar highs and a delicious citrus taste to make it easy and fun to take, is available on our website at IrieCBD.com



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