CBD and Sleep

Although our fast-paced culture does not always put a great deal of value on sleep, it is a necessary part of a healthy and well-balanced life. Sleep deprivation or trouble sleeping, known as insomnia, can be highly problematic. Sleep plays a fundamental role in our growth, physical health, immune systems, performance and learning. In the United States, approximately 70 million people suffer from insomnia, insufficient sleep or another sleep disorder.


Marijuana use in general has been a sleeping aide for a long time now. Looking at specifically CBD is a newer idea. Unlike marijuana that contains THC (the stuff that gives you a high) CBD from hemp tends to help relax the body and mind without that high effect, which is a big reason people have issues falling asleep. Rethinking through your day, stressing about your future, your job, your finances. Everything we think about can lead to a lack of sleep.


It doesn’t hurt to give CBD a try. We recommend our Calm Support Tincture that can be found at iriecbd.com

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