Natural Health’s underlying philosophy

Natural Health, a buzzword that seems to be more common in the popular vernacular than ever, is thrown about to describe so many aspects of the populist movement towards organic healthy lifestyles and alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical culture, but what does it actually mean? Natural Healthcare is actually a cohesive philosophy of using the natural […]

Dabs, Budders, Wax, Oil, Crumble… Concentrates provide a super-powered dose of Cannabinoids

There’s a lot of ways to get cannabidiol and other beneficial cannanbinoids into  your system these days. The blossoming cannabis health industry has exploded with tinctures, oils, topicals and edibles, creating a wonderfully diverse array of options for consumers. For companies like IrieCBD that are focused on the nutritional and supplemental health benefits CBD can provide, there […]

The Power of Adaptogens in Fighting Stress and Building Resiliency

Battling stress is one of the most important, effective and ongoing health challenges most of us face. There are plenty of quick fixes out there for stress and fatigue, from fatty comfort foods to on-the-go caffeine pick ups, but these are usually followed by energy crashes, putting you right back where you started.  On the […]

Environmental Health is Personal Health

An Earth Day Meditation on Seeing Ourselves as Part of the Whole Humans have quite an appetite for destruction. As a global community, we are currently using 60% more resources than the earth can regenerate. The oceans are so severely overfished that a 2006 article in the journal SCIENCE predicts all the worlds fisheries will […]

It’s Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday! A Historical Hemp Retrospective

Hemp has been undergoing a modern revival- and as hemp clothing, paper products, insulation, fabrics, oils and health products build steam and buzz nationwide, it can seem as if the power of this plant is a recent discovery, shocking the world with its diversity of uses. But hemp has been with us for a long time. […]