Natural Health’s underlying philosophy

Natural Health, a buzzword that seems to be more common in the popular vernacular than ever, is thrown about to describe so many aspects of the populist movement towards organic healthy lifestyles and alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical culture, but what does it actually mean? Natural Healthcare is actually a cohesive philosophy of using the natural […]

So What Plant Is It? The difference between Hemp and Marijuana Explained

Sometimes, it’s really important to get back to basics. When we dive into the specifics of cannabinoids, terpenes, treatment forms and options, it can be all too easy to forget we are talking about a plant. But it is this plant that can provide so much healing, and it is the whole plant matter that […]

Why CBD is the latest and greatest natural skincare phenomenon

 A beauty renaissance is emerging as the fad in cannabis based skincare proves CBD skin products are more than just the latest trend. Using hemp oil is a time honored (and scientifically proven) natural and holistic skin treatment for both health and beauty.     The skin is our largest organ, both protecting our internal […]

What CBD can do for Men’s Health

We all have an endocannabinoid system, and the cannabidiol found in natural hemp extract provides support for this system in everyone, regulating our cells, internal systems and improving response to stress. Of course, all bodies work differently, and with Father’s Day around the corner, we’re highlighting how full spectrum cannabinoids and CBD in particular may […]

Using CBD to Treat Pain Can Be a Safe and Highly Effective Choice

Managing pain is perhaps the cannabis plant’s oldest claim to fame, at least in the medical world. The relief brought to patients living with terminal conditions and experiencing chronic pain was a significant driving force behind the initial push for medical marijuana laws in many states, and remains one of the more compelling arguments for […]

Is CBD a new tool in the fight against the Opiate Epidemic? A look at the emerging science

  There’s been a lot of talk lately around CBD as a cure for addiction and replacement for opiate pain killers, especially as the opiate addiction epidemic continues to take up headlines, but what exactly is behind the buzz?   CBD’s effects on the endocannabinoid system are far ranging and therapeutic, and the discovery of […]

The Top 4 Ways Cannabis Can Help Mothers and Babies

  Mother’s Day is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to dive into health topics for the mom and baby duo? Turns out, hemp and CBD has a long history of supporting the health of expectant mothers, new mamas and new arrivals. Let’s look at the most powerful ways this miracle plant […]

The Power of Adaptogens in Fighting Stress and Building Resiliency

Battling stress is one of the most important, effective and ongoing health challenges most of us face. There are plenty of quick fixes out there for stress and fatigue, from fatty comfort foods to on-the-go caffeine pick ups, but these are usually followed by energy crashes, putting you right back where you started.  On the […]

Environmental Health is Personal Health

An Earth Day Meditation on Seeing Ourselves as Part of the Whole Humans have quite an appetite for destruction. As a global community, we are currently using 60% more resources than the earth can regenerate. The oceans are so severely overfished that a 2006 article in the journal SCIENCE predicts all the worlds fisheries will […]

IrieELEMENTS: Pet Blend

At IrieCBD, we believe in the healing power of plants.  Our unique tincture line combines the ancient wisdom of carefully crafted herbal blends with our pure, full spectrum, terpene rich CBD oil. Each tincture is formulated by our herbal and nutritional experts delivering targeted relief and supportive effects on the body’s natural systems.   COD […]