4 Things Made From Hemp You Might Not Know About

Hemp is one of the oldest cash crops in history and was used to make paper, textiles, and more. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson even cultivated hemp back in their days. Unfortunately, hemp prohibition began in September 1937 after the U.S. government began sensationalizing marijuana and lumping hemp into the same category. Over the past few years, several states have reintroduced hemp production and laws and regulations are changing daily. While progress continues to be made, there is no hiding how versatile hemp can be. In addition to textiles and health supplements, you won’t believe these surprising products that have been made from hemp.


1.) Houses

The home construction industry has the potential to be changed forever with hempcrete, a biocomposite made out of hemp, water, and a lime binding agent. Not only are the materials themselves sustainable, but they have excellent insulation properties that can help save tremendous amounts of money on energy bills. Additionally, the material is non-toxic and won’t cause any harm whatsoever to humans or the environment, it’s also impermeable towards fire, mold, and pests.


2.) Bikes

Erba Cycles a Boston-based company makes bicycles that are not only visually breathtaking, but they’re made out of hemp and bamboo. Both mountain bikers and city commuters will be happy as both styles of bikes are made with bamboo joints that are even stronger than steel and are bound by hemp fiber.


3.) Cars

Henry Ford made a car body out of hemp, soybeans, flax, and more in 1941. Since then cars that are made from and run on hemp are becoming more popular. Canada is leading the charge with a company called Motived Industries who unveiled a prototype electro-car made almost exclusively from a hemp-based composite material. The material is extremely strong, but lightweight. To put it into perspective, a Ford Fusion weighs around 4,000 lbs while this guy clocks in at 2,500.


4.) Underwear

You’re probably thinking that these guys might be less than comfortable or have some kind of marijuana leaf print on them, but believe it or not, several established companies such as Patagonia, Calvin Klien, and more are using eco-friendly materials in their clothing. Hemp is not only comfortable, but crops are grown free of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals that are harsh on the environment (and yourself).

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