Hemp, the future in building

  Hemp seeds and hemp fibers can be used to create over 50,000 different products. For the building industry, hemp fibers could be the next greatest solution.   Hemp can be made into any building material, including fiberboard, roofing, flooring, wallboard, caulking, cement, paint, paneling, particleboard, plaster, plywood, reinforced concrete, insulation, insulation panels, spray-on insulation, […]

Hemp CBD

  Hemp CBD, what is it, and why is it different from Marijuana CBD and will it get you high? Let’s take a look at what we know…   CBD VS. THC CBD stands for Cannabidiol. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. CBD is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids identified in cannabis. It is a major phytocannabinoid, accounting for up […]

Healthy People Benefit from CBD too!

  Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil is no doubt a very good source of helping with ailments. However, people who are healthy and have no major health issues to worry about also find CBD Oil beneficial. Here are some benefits of CBD that may prove beneficial on the long run.   EVERYDAY ACHES AND PAINS? Acne is […]

Feminine Support Blend

It is no secret that CBD has been around for a long time. With all the wonderful things it can do for one’s health we took it a step further and decided ladies need a little love too! Queen Victoria (who’s reign began in June 1837 and continued until her death in January 1901) used […]

Pain Support Tincture

Cannabis is highly effective in treating pain and inflammation. It does this by working with the endocannabinoid system, which controls pain and inflammation.   The cannabis plant happens to be one of the most (if not the most) pharmacologically active plants on the planet, containing over 400 active chemicals. The unique active components of cannabis […]

Green Jobs

As our society continues to ride the never ending roller coaster of gaining and losing jobs, there is one industry on that rise that has potential to skyrocket the work force. The Hemp industry can reshape and rebuild our economy. Thousands of jobs can be created through farming Hemp and producing sustainable products. Hemp can […]

CBD and Pain Relief and Mood Enhancement

For decades, only high-THC recreational cannabis was available. The CBD-rich industrial hemp strains have a wide range of medicinal applications. The reduced psychoactivity of CBD-rich hemp makes it an appealing treatment option for controlling: Inflammation Pain Anxiety Spasms and Seizures Healthy skin and hair Serious or minor health conditions WITHOUT the disconcerting effect of lethargy or […]

Hemp Oil Benefits for Hair

Hemp oil is the result of hemp seed extraction. The oil mainly contains essential fatty acids, vitamins, and protein. It offers plenty of benefits especially for skin and hair. 1. Hair Conditioner Hemp oil has many properties to make a good conditioner for hair and scalp. The most essential property is that the oil delivers emollient […]

Dosing of CBD

The fact is, you can give the same dose of a given cannabis oil to two different people and get two different experiences so this makes dolling out any type of specific advice next to impossible for even the most informed and one of the prime reasons doctors currently eschew the use of cannabis.   […]