Get Involved: Protecting Our Right to Fair Access Will Take Us All

IrieCBD is a company that is based on values: two of our most dearly held ones are community and self-determination when it comes to health. We assert that everyone has a right to choose the health options that feel right to them, and in our current political environment, it is going to take a community […]

So What Plant Is It? The difference between Hemp and Marijuana Explained

Sometimes, it’s really important to get back to basics. When we dive into the specifics of cannabinoids, terpenes, treatment forms and options, it can be all too easy to forget we are talking about a plant. But it is this plant that can provide so much healing, and it is the whole plant matter that […]

Dabs, Budders, Wax, Oil, Crumble… Concentrates provide a super-powered dose of Cannabinoids

There’s a lot of ways to get cannabidiol and other beneficial cannanbinoids into  your system these days. The blossoming cannabis health industry has exploded with tinctures, oils, topicals and edibles, creating a wonderfully diverse array of options for consumers. For companies like IrieCBD that are focused on the nutritional and supplemental health benefits CBD can provide, there […]

Why CBD is the latest and greatest natural skincare phenomenon

 A beauty renaissance is emerging as the fad in cannabis based skincare proves CBD skin products are more than just the latest trend. Using hemp oil is a time honored (and scientifically proven) natural and holistic skin treatment for both health and beauty.     The skin is our largest organ, both protecting our internal […]

Back Online & 30% OFF

We want to thank you for your patience while we’ve been working hard to get our credit card processing back online. To show our gratitude, we are offering 30% OFF all IrieCBD products on our website. Use offer code: IRIE30 Discount good through July 2, 2017 (midnight PST). SHOP NOW!


Dear Beloved Customers of Irie CBD, As you may already be aware, we are having technical difficulties with online sales of IrieCBD products due to issues with our credit card processing. Because we deeply value our relationships with our customers and strive to be as transparent about our business practices as possible, we would like […]

What CBD can do for Men’s Health

We all have an endocannabinoid system, and the cannabidiol found in natural hemp extract provides support for this system in everyone, regulating our cells, internal systems and improving response to stress. Of course, all bodies work differently, and with Father’s Day around the corner, we’re highlighting how full spectrum cannabinoids and CBD in particular may […]

IrieELEMENTS: Pain Support Blend

At IrieCBD, we believe in the healing power of plants.  Our unique tincture line combines the ancient wisdom of carefully crafted herbal blends with our pure, full spectrum, terpene rich CBD oil. Each tincture is formulated by our herbal and nutritional experts delivering targeted relief and supportive effects on the body’s natural systems.   IrieCBD […]

Using CBD to Treat Pain Can Be a Safe and Highly Effective Choice

Managing pain is perhaps the cannabis plant’s oldest claim to fame, at least in the medical world. The relief brought to patients living with terminal conditions and experiencing chronic pain was a significant driving force behind the initial push for medical marijuana laws in many states, and remains one of the more compelling arguments for […]

CBD Extraction Methods : What a Consumer Needs to Know

So what’s in an extraction method? Or, perhaps the better question is, what ISN’T used in an extraction method? How do you know there aren’t harmful residues in your product? Similar to the processes used to make essential oils, minerals and vitamins, extraction is how products that have high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, such as […]